Recipients of E-mail from Golden Circle

E-mails and their attachments (collectively referred to for convenience as “e-mail”) from Golden Circle are intended for the named recipient/s ONLY. This includes those persons sent copies. If you are not the named recipient (or their authorised representative) or a recipient of a copy of the e-mail, or have otherwise received the e-mail in error:

– Kindly notify the sender (as specified in the e-mail) using the contact details contained in such e-mail. You are kindly requested to do so using e-mail if possible and if this is not possible, then using the quickest means possible (telephone or fax). You must delete this message once you have notified the sender

– You may not forward, copy or otherwise transmit or disseminate the e-mail or any of the contents thereof to any person other than the named sender or an employee of Golden Circle

– You may not print, save or otherwise store the e-mail or any of the contents thereof in electronic or physical form.

If you are a client of Golden Circle, any opinions or advice contained in the e-mail is subject to any applicable terms.

Confidentiality of E-mail from Golden Circle

The e-mail and its contents are confidential, unless specifically stated or if this is manifestly clear from the context (including, by way of example, press releases and other official statements, issued by way of e-mail). If you are not certain of the confidentiality status of an e-mail please contact the sender to confirm this.

Monitoring of E-mail at Golden Circle

We reserve the right to intercept and read emails sent or received by our employees. If you do not wish for your communications to be subjected to such scrutiny, you should not communicate via this email system.

Damages arising from any E-mail from Golden Circle

While we use our best endeavours to prevent loss or damage to third party systems, we will not be held liable for any loss or damage due to viruses or other malicious code in an e-mail, corruption of data or any “denial of service” or similar exploit caused by a virus or malicious code.

Transmission and Receipt of E-mail from Golden Circle

In accordance with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002 e-mail is only deemed to be received by us once this is confirmed to you orally or in writing and e-mail is deemed to have been sent by us as soon as this is reflected in our service provider’s mail server logs.